The Frogs.

"The Croaked Collection"

The inspiration of this collection has come from the drawings I have made from two skeletal frogs, found in my garden at home.
From exploring the processes and qualities of metal, I have developed the idea of wearing an aspect of a frog. The concept leads me to the forming of brass metal sheets that can be fastened to clothing with a brooch back.

In ‘The Croaked Collection” range there are three different style collar clips:

   360 Vision
Looking at the mark making in my drawings, I have collected items that show a similar texture to roll into metal, to create sensitive and effective aesthetics.
The product is made for  batch production, as the collar clips are time consuming to make, but  low in cost.

This concept I would like to see developed into a mass produced product, as I feel there would be slight alterations to create them and I believe many would sell in high street outlets (such as River Island and Topshop).

However, if they remained made in a small workshop, there would be the ‘unique selling point’ of a limited edition in the same design. Also, I would like to make private commissions for collar clip pieces.

The collection could develop further by having different animal inspired pieces, and various types of jewellery and  accessory items.

The market of these pieces are aimed at women, however I do not see why they cannot be unisex items, as I feel the designs are neutral to all genders. Also, men do not have as much variety on the market as do women with jewellery and accessories.

Finally, I see potential in this idea and outcome – it is yet to be explored.